Sunday, 27 February 2011

Supplementary materials for kata training - дополнительные материалы для тренировки по ката: Nijû Shi Ho

I start to provide some supplementary materials for kata training: references to books, videos, Internet links, etc. The information will be updated later. But please remember: none of videos and books can replace a practice in dôjô!

Nijû Shi Ho (二十四歩) - "Twenty-four steps" ("24 шага"). Original name is Niseishi.

Aragaki Seisho (an Okinawan martial arts master, 1840-1918(?1920)) taught Niseishi kata (which he has possibly learned from Wai Shin Zan (Wai Xin Xian), a Chinese martial arts teacher) to Mabuni Kenwa (1889-1952, the founder of Shitô ryû). Nakayama Masatoshi said he was told by Funakoshi Gichin to learn Niseishi from Mabuni Kenwa. As it was the case with other katas, Funakoshi Sensei changed the name Niseishi to Nijû Shi Ho.

Tora Jo dôjô: Some notes on Nijû Shi Ho

Nakayama Masatoshi "Best Karate. Vol. 10. Unsu, Sôchin, Nijû Shi Ho". Kodansha International, 1987.

"Kicking Back with Nijushiho" by Paul Kallender and Andre Bertel - interesting post with some information on Nijû Shi Ho.

Nijû Shi Ho performed by Asai Tetsuhiko Sensei in the JKA kata film (1960)
Ochi Hideo Sensei- Nijushiho
Ochi Hideo Sensei - Nijushiho Bunkai Demonstration

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