Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Some notes on Jitte

Please remember: none of videos and books can replace a practice in dôjô!

I provide the names of techniques as well as their numbers according to the book of Nakayama Masatoshi "Best Karate. Vol. 7. Jitte, Hangetsu, Empi". Kodansha International, 1985. If some other names are used, then the source is provided.

1. uhai tekubi chûdan osae uke, hidari ken hidari koshi - hips are in hanmi. This is a slow and powerful movement.

2. migi teishô gedan osae uke, hidari teishô chûdan oshi age uke - hips are in shomen. This is also a slow and powerful movement.

4. migi shô tekubi migi sokumen chûdan kake uke, hidari ken hidari koshi - slide to the right (yori ashi) while doing block.

5. migi teishô migi sokumen chûdan yoko uchi, hidari ken hidari koshi - don't move your left foot close to your right foot, but step half of the distance to the right, then step to kiba dachi. Remember bunkai in order to perform the steps correctly, you are moving out of the attack line. Don't turn your hips too early into kiba dachi.

6.-7. and 11.-13. General note: don't turn your hips too early into kiba dachi. Keep hips in shomen while stepping forward and make a power turn into kiba dachi.

15.-18. For a better understanding I would strongly recommend to take a partner with jô or bo or any suitable stick and try the techniques.

I will update this list further, adding some more notes. Please watch the announcement list above!

I sincerely hope that this will help you to perfect the kata further. Osu!

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