Thursday, 1 December 2011

Kata Training am Freitag - Kata training on Friday - Тренировка по ката в пятницу: 02.12.2011, 20 Uhr, Freiburg dôjô (Merianschule‏)

As you all know, one of our students is going to have her 1st dan grading, and she is taking Empi as her tokui kata. Thus, Empi with oyo will be the central part of the upcoming training.

Thema des Kata Training am Freitag, 02.12.2011, um 20 Uhr (Merianschule): Empi.

Topic of Kata training on Friday, 02.12.2011, at 20:00 (Merianschule): Empi.

Тема тренировки по ката в пятницу, 02.12.2011, в 20:00 (Merianschule): Empi.

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