Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Kata Training am Freitag - Kata training on Friday - Тренировка по ката в пятницу: 23.03.2012, 20 Uhr, Karate Dôjô Freiburg (Merianschule‏)

Thema des Kata Training am Freitag, 23.03.2012, um 20 Uhr (Merianschule): Ten no kata. Osu!

Topic of Kata training on Friday, 23.03.2012, at 20:00 (Merianschule): Ten no kata. Osu!

Тема тренировки по ката в пятницу, 23.03.2012, в 20:00 (Merianschule): Ten no kata. Осу!

Supplementary materials will be provided soon.

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