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Supplementary materials for kata training - дополнительные материалы для тренировки по ката: Ten no kata

Please remember: none of videos and books can replace a practice in dôjô!

Ten no kata (天の形) - "Kata of Heaven" ("Небесная форма").

Ten no kata was most probably created by Funakoshi Yoshitaka. Possibly Funakoshi Gichin and some other karateka (??? Egami Shigeru, Hironishi Genshin, Kugimiya Y. (I am still trying to find the first name!) ???) have worked on this form. Ten no kata was created in the late 1930s and definitely before 1941, as in 1941 the foldout "Dai Nihon Karate Do Ten no Kata" ("Great Japan Karate Do, Ten no Kata") was published as a supplement to that year's edition "Karate-Dô Kyohan" by Funakoshi Gichin.

Ten no kata was one kata from the series of these three kata: Ten no kata ("Kata of Heaven"), Chi no kata ("Kata of Earth") and Jin no kata ("Kata of Man"). Unfortunately, last two ones are most probably lost and can't be restored.

Ten no kata consists of two parts: Ten no kata omote (omote - front) and Ten no kata ura (ura - back). Ten no kata omote consists of 10 movements and is performed without partner. Ten no kata ura consists of 6 movements and is performed with partner.


  "Dai Nihon Karate Do Ten no Kata" ("Great Japan Karate Do, Ten no Kata") reprint by Yoju Shorin Co. The cover can be seen, for example, here.
  Gichin Funakoshi "Karate-Dô Nyûmon. The Master Introductory Text". IMPORTANT!!! The photos of the original Japanese edition (1943) were replaced by the other ones in the English edition (1988). The photos in the English edition show Shôtôkai way of performing techniques, not Shôtôkan of Funakoshi Gichin!!!


  Slater Williams "Ten no kata" in Shotokan Karate Magazine Issue 88 July 2006

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