Monday, 2 May 2011

Supplementary materials for kata training - дополнительные материалы для тренировки по ката: Chinte

Please remember: none of videos and books can replace a practice in dôjô!

Chinte (珍手) - "Rare (extraordinary) Hand" ("Редкая (выдающаяся) рука"). Sometimes translated also as "Strange Hand" ("Странная рука") or "Unusual Hand" ("Необычная рука").

Chinte is believed to be a Shuri Te kata. Funakoshi Gichin Sensei tried to rename this kata as Shôin, but the new name didn't stay.

Chinte features unusual hand techniques (which explain the name of the kata) and only one kick.

And, yes! Three hops at the end! I have seen three explanations:
1) three hops are the traces of some lost techniques;
2) the application is holding an opponent's arm and moving back to break his wrist (I will show this application during the training);
3) these three hops were added in order to return to a starting point (this one sounds strange to me).

Tora Jo dôjô: Some notes on Chinte

Nakayama Masatoshi "Best Karate. Vol. 9. Bassai Shô, Kankû Shô, Chinte"
Hirokazu Kanazawa "Shotokan Karate International Kata (Vol. 2)"
Fiore Tartaglia "Shôtôkan-Kata ab dem Schwarzgurt"

THE SHOTOKAN WAY – The Online Shotokan Karate Magazine: Chinte

Chinte performed by Mori Masataka in the "JKA 21 Shotokan Kata" film

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